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We celebrate all who stand up and stand out!

Welcome to the world of true game-changers! We in YEA, believe that our individual actions create a powerful force of change in the society, inspiring and motivating other young people to start small – but reach high. Each month, we gather to appreciate the energy, the motivation, the creativity and kindness of one of our YEAs by shining the light to the great ideas and initiatives they had.

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Meet Eris Çunaku

Eris Çunaku is a Young European Ambassador from Kosovo. Eris grew with YEA into a bright, enthusiastic young game-changer interested in a broad range of topics. With a diploma in Management of Web and Mobile Development and a minor in Public Policy, Eris is passionate about youth activism and the protection of our environment, as he believes these two topics are crucial towards ensuring an active civil society and a safe world to live in. He also hosted an inspiring talk on creative expression and activism through photography with Meeri Koutaniemi during the Power of the Hashtag WeBalkans event in April 2021. Eris, we are confident that the best is yet to come - so we are looking forward to your future initiatives and creative ideas. Well done!

Eris Çunaku biography

Meet Dzulisa Otuzbir

Dzulisa Otuzbir is a Young European Ambassador from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dzulisa is one of the strongest YEA voices when it comes to motivating youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be more active in the fields of regional cooperation and European affairs. Pursuing her Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Sarajevo, she has a great desire to join forces with young people who are willing to make positive changes in the region. Her moderation role at this year's European Youth Event in Strasbourg was her shining moment, as she managed to make bridges and join young people from all over Europe together in discussion.

Dzulisa Otuzbir biography

Meet Amina Kaja

Amina Kaja is a Young European Ambassador from Kosovo. Amina represents a true creative expression of YEA. She is a great example of how we can turn activism into art, and art into activism. Through her poetry, creativity, but also meticulous scientific approach (she is studying for a neurosurgeon) she inspires her peers to become more active in different fields - youth engagement, environment, culture, human rights. Amina transforms her unique creative persona into a young and engaged game-changer wherever she goes. We are eager to follow her road of inspiration in the years to come!

Amina Kaja biography

Meet Dado Dervanovic

Dado Dervanovic is a Young European Ambassador from Montenegro. Dado has come a long way - from a quiet to a loud voice of young people in our region. Through the creation of online events, social media campaigns, and different tasks within the activism agenda, Dado became one of the leading voices of YEA network. During the first live event held in Novi Sad on Petrovaradin Fortress this July, Dado showed his leadership potential, initiating different activities and motivating the team to give their best in interaction with young people all over EU and the world. Kudos to Dado - we will follow every step of the way!

Dado Dervanovic biography

Meet Dona Srdikj Lazarevska

Dona is a Young European Ambassador from North Macedonia. Dona has shown her dedication and motivation to be a voice of youth since the very beginning of our journey. By taking active part in the 'She Leads' event by YEAs which focused on female empowerment, discussing youth activism in a debate on Balkan Trafik festival, but also starring as a guest on regional podcasts dedicated to youth - Dona continues to inspire her peers to contribute to the society by showing initiative. We can't wait for her next step on the journey of changing the world one good deed at the time!

Dona Srdikj Lazarevska biography

Meet Marko Milutinovic

Marko Milutinovic is a Young European Ambassador from Serbia. From the very beginning, Marko has been a voice of youth - passionate, active, a team player, and a game-changer. His passion for the environment and eco-awareness inspired many of his peers and followers to become more active and more aware of the serious challenges our region needs to tackle on the road to greener Western Balkans. Marko is a role model and an inspiration. We are looking forward to all of his initiatives in the future while staying positive, active, and green :)

Marko Milutinovic biography

Meet Armin Poljak

Armin Poljak is our Young European Ambassador from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This April he received an award for his initiative, activism, and positive influence on his peers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire Western Balkans. He took part in the Balkan Trafik event organized from Brussels live and online, where he sent a powerful message of youth unity even under difficult circumstances. He was a great example of what a YEA moderator in a YEA event can achieve with inspiration and courage. He also proposed many different activities for YEAs, was present at all times, and really inspired us. Soon, we will have a chance to take part in one of the activities he designed and organised during the summer. Go Armin!

Armin Poljak biography

Meet Benard Babaj

Benard Babaj is our Young European Ambassadors from Albania. This March he initiated a cooperation of YEAs Albania with a Roma Gate for Integration organization in Fushë Krujë, which works directly with the Roma community. They chose March 7th- Teacher’s day and March 8th – Women’s’ day to celebrate volunteerism, youth activism, social inclusion but also to appreciate the work of teachers and women around. Through this activity the Young Ambassadors were engaged in the electoral education of 10 Roma girls who were married at early age, but also did a supplementary class with Roma children who have dropped out school.

Benard Babaj biography

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