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We celebrate all who stand up and stand out!

Welcome to the world of true game-changers! We in YEA, believe that our individual actions create a powerful force of change in the society, inspiring and motivating other young people to start small – but reach high. Each month, we gather to appreciate the energy, the motivation, the creativity and kindness of one of our YEAs by shining the light to the great ideas and initiatives they had.

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Meet Marko Milutinovic

Marko Milutinovic is a Young European Ambassador from Serbia. From the very beginning, Marko has been a voice of youth - passionate, active, a team player, and a game-changer. His passion for the environment and eco-awareness inspired many of his peers and followers to become more active and more aware of the serious challenges our region needs to tackle on the road to greener Western Balkans. Marko is a role model and an inspiration. We are looking forward to all of his initiatives in the future while staying positive, active, and green :)

Marko Milutinovic biography

Meet Dona Srdikj Lazarevska

Dona is a Young European Ambassador from North Macedonia. Dona has shown her dedication and motivation to be a voice of youth since the very beginning of our journey. By taking active part in the 'She Leads' event by YEAs which focused on female empowerment, discussing youth activism in a debate on Balkan Trafik festival, but also starring as a guest on regional podcasts dedicated to youth - Dona continues to inspire her peers to contribute to the society by showing initiative. We can't wait for her next step on the journey of changing the world one good deed at the time!

Dona Srdikj Lazarevska biography

Meet Amina Kaja

Amina Kaja is a Young European Ambassador from Kosovo. Amina represents a true creative expression of YEA. She is a great example of how we can turn activism into art, and art into activism. Through her poetry, creativity, but also meticulous scientific approach (she is studying for a neurosurgeon) she inspires her peers to become more active in different fields - youth engagement, environment, culture, human rights. Amina transforms her unique creative persona into a young and engaged game-changer wherever she goes. We are eager to follow her road of inspiration in the years to come!

Amina Kaja biography

Meet Dzulisa Otuzbir

Dzulisa Otuzbir is a Young European Ambassador from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dzulisa is one of the strongest YEA voices when it comes to motivating youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be more active in the fields of regional cooperation and European affairs. Pursuing her Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Sarajevo, she has a great desire to join forces with young people who are willing to make positive changes in the region. Her moderation role at this year's European Youth Event in Strasbourg was her shining moment, as she managed to make bridges and join young people from all over Europe together in discussion.

Dzulisa Otuzbir biography

Meet Eris Çunaku

Eris Çunaku is a Young European Ambassador from Kosovo. Eris grew with YEA into a bright, enthusiastic young game-changer interested in a broad range of topics. With a diploma in Management of Web and Mobile Development and a minor in Public Policy, Eris is passionate about youth activism and the protection of our environment, as he believes these two topics are crucial towards ensuring an active civil society and a safe world to live in. He also hosted an inspiring talk on creative expression and activism through photography with Meeri Koutaniemi during the Power of the Hashtag WeBalkans event in April 2021. Eris, we are confident that the best is yet to come - so we are looking forward to your future initiatives and creative ideas. Well done!

Eris Çunaku biography

Meet Teodora Cekic

Teodora Cekic is a Young European Ambassador from Serbia. From the very beginning when she joined YEA, we could hear the music playing! Apart from currently being a teacher of music education in Leskovac, Teodora was a member of a number of choirs and vocal ensembles, while she also participated in various festivals worldwide. Moreover, Teodora finished her studies in Russia at the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture, where she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with honors in Music Arts. Teodora was a valuable Team Leader of YEA event dedicated to cultural diversity in Western Balkans, and she showed great initiative in facilitating a working group on WB EU Youth Forum in Rome dedicated to the same topic. We can't wait for new melodies coming from this YEA who finds life inspiration in music, art, and culture!

Teodora Cekic biography

Meet Vojdan Uzunov

Our YEA of December 2021, Vojdan Uzunov, comes from North Macedonia, and he is a student of Law. Although traveling and reading have always been his passions, during his time as a YEA Vojdan has thrived into an outspoken activist and a great speaker on topics that are relevant for the young people in the region. On this note, Vojdan is also active at his university as a member of a group that advocates for the rights of marginalized groups in North Macedonia. Vojdan is also an environmentalist, he loves to walk or cycle as much as possible while helping people understand that cars should only be used as a necessity. We cannot wait for him to jump into the shoes of a young trainer for Media Literacy - helping his peers understand how media works and how to use critical thinking for better understanding.

Vojdan Uzunov biography

Meet Bojana Lalatovic

Bojana Lalatovic has been a true shining star of YEA network since the very beginning. She and her team 'broke the ice' for implementing the first in a row of five online events by YEAs back in 2021 by addressing an important topic of "Building resilience by investing in skills and qualifications". As an activist, game-changer and dedicated youth worker, Bojana continues to send a message that the educated, skilled and active young people really do have a strong potential to lead the Western Balkans region into a bright future. Furthermore, Bojana holds an MA in Law in European Integration from the University of Belgrade, where she is also a PhD candidate in the International Public Law Department. She worked for civil society organizations focusing on the EU integration processes of the Western Balkans and was a participant in the ERASMUS+ mobility programme. Apart from being a Young European Ambassador, she is also a Program Officer in the RYCO Local Branch Office in Montenegro (Regional Youth Cooperation Office).

Bojana Lalatovic biography

Meet Klajdi Kaziu

Klajdi Kaziu is one of the most dedicated members of YEA network. He took part in many different activities, but moreover he took the lead and proposed multiple project ideas for Tirana European Youth Capital 2022. that are about to get to the developing and implementing stage during this year. Recently, Klajdi had great success with writing an article on EU values. His core value is diversity and he has been demonstrating it through his actions. Klajdi is an acting Secretary General at the United Nations Association in Albania, leading efforts to establish the National Network on Youth, Peace and Security. He holds a MA in European Integration and Global Studies from the CIFE – Centre International de Formation Européen.

Klajdi Kaziu biography

Meet Dragana Vuckovic

Western Balkans, meet Dragana Vuckovic, a true game-changer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dragana has become a part of YEA network in 2020, and since then, her initiative, enthusiasm, and dedication to activism and promotion of youth values have truly been remarkable. Apart from being an inspiring activist, Dragana is also attending an MA in Democracy and Human Rights in South-East Europe, a shared interdisciplinary program taught by both the University of Sarajevo and the University of Bologna, while also studying for a master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Banjaluka. We congratulate her for her efforts so far, supporting her every step of the way.

Dragana Vuckovic biography

Meet Jora Zeneli

Jora is an inspiring and bright young woman, determined to make a change in her community and for her generation. Jora is 18 years old and currently a senior at “Sami Frasheri” High School in Prishtina. She is passionate about science, music, technology, business, and community service. Over the years she has been involved in national and international organizations, holding numerous leadership roles as well as receiving certification from several institutes. Her contribution to sharing the values of volunteerism, human rights, and youth leadership has already caught the attention of many. We are with her every step of the way knowing that good things come to those who wake up, show up and take action!

Jora Zeneli biography

Meet Velimir Milosev

Velimir Milosev is a role-model young activist who inspires us with his enthusiasm, creativity, and positivity every day. While his profession says political scientist, Velimir calls himself an activist on a bicycle, while also doing an important job as a Coordinator for Inclusive youth policies at the organization Irida from Novi Sad. He is proud to be a feminist and a fierce supporter of gender equality and EU enlargement process.  What drives him to continue being active in his community is the fact that he also grew up seeing ‘the others’ faced with apathy, hostility, and sometimes even violence. As a member of the LGBT community,  he continues to strongly advocate for the safety and human rights of vulnerable groups and for peace in the region.

Velimir Milosev biography

Meet Aleksandar Karatosho

Aleksandar is a student at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sts Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. As a Young European Ambassador for two years now, he has contributed to YEA mission in many ways - through his activism, leadership skills, and initiative - especially when it comes to putting youth from North Macedonia on the map and giving young people a voice to speak out. Aleksandar is active in many national and international civic organizations, he took part in numerous events, workshops, and projects. Furthermore, he is a member of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) and the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia and is also a founder and president of the non-profit civic organization Youth Empowerment Association – YEA, which focuses on developing young people’s capacities in various areas.

Aleksandar Karatosho biography

Meet Andjela Radulovic

Anđela comes from Montenegro and studies law. During YEA events she has attended so far, we could already see a future fierce protector of human rights and a gatekeeper of the rule of law. In her own words: "As a student of law, I truly believe in the importance of the rule of law and EU values". Gaining her international experience Andjela has also spent some time in the USA, at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire on a Global UGRAD scholarship. This exchange helped her determine some important personal and professional goals and was also an important step in stepping out of her comfort zone. She had a chance to learn from very successful professors in the fields of Politics, International Law, Criminal Justice, etc. Last summer, she has also participated in International Summer School at The University of A Coruña, as one of ten scholarship receivers from the whole world, where she attended the International Courts and Tribunal's course. We are proud to have Andjela as a member of our network and we stand in great support of her professional development and activist path.

Andjela Radulovic biography

Meet Olta Shehu

Olta is a 19-year-old girl dreaming to become a successful life-saving doctor one day. She comes from Albania and has already done so much for the greater voice of young people in her community. She is outspoken and motivated, eager to participate in every activity which aims at making the region a more prosperous place for youth. Even when she was younger she joined Save the Children and World Vision as a volunteer, but also a charity organization called “Fundjave Ndryshe” and an environmental organization named “Shqiperia Ndryshe”. She was also the representative of her classroom for three years straight in the school senate. Meet Olta via her social media for more information about what it means to be a role-model YEA!

Olta Shehu biography

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