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Hana Kunić

Bosnia and Herzegovina




My name is Hana Kunić and I am 20 years old. I am an International Relations and diplomacy student at the Faculty of Political Sciences University in Sarajevo, and a Law student at the Law Faculty University in Sarajevo.

Throughout my life, I have gained a lot of experience in work with youth. I have been a part of many youth organizations, attending and organizing many youth events and projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Volunteering and activism gave me a new perspective on myself, my goals but also enhanced my social, presentational, and other skills, which I am very proud of. That is why I find work with people as a passion of mine. In the near future, I see myself as someone who uses the tools of activism to help young people find their voice and leadership potential, so we can work together on making this world a better place for everyone.

My interests also include singing, reading, traveling, playing video games, and making good memories. I am currently a part of AIESEC in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I fluently speak two foreign languages: English and German.


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