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Maja Trajkovic



Arts and design,Film and photography,Music,Youth activism,Sport


My name is Maja Trajkovic and I’m a fourth-grade secondary-school student. I’ve been involved in activism for five years now and I’m extremely motivated to continue working with NGOs and trying to make some positive changes.
I’m a member of the UNICEF advisory board for mental health, where our primary goal is to help young people express themselves more regarding mental health. I’m also a member of the board called “Savet mladih” in “Prijatelji dece Srbije”, where I learned how to write a number of project proposals and organise events (such as debate tournaments and charity events).The main topic I’ve always focused on is human rights, which is why I’m a member of the DX club (Informative and Cultural service for children) in the Centre for children’s rights, where we’ve held multiple seminars and made movies to educate young people about the importance of knowing their rights. I’ve also recently become an official member of EYP Serbia (European Youth Parliament).


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