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Fatima Đulović



EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Technology, Human rights, Health and well-being


My name is Fatima, I’m an 18-year-old high schooler, youth worker, activist and passionate about psychology. I have been volunteering for the Centre for Autism and Developmental Disabilities since I was 14. I was on many Erasmus projects so I met and learned a lot about different cultures and became interested in organizing events for young people and raising awareness of the importance of youth activism in my community. I am also very passionate about photography. The photo exhibition ‘Naši Heroji’ (Our Heroes) that I had in the museum Ras, Novi Pazar, represented black and white portraits of children with autism and Down syndrome. In my first project in 2021, funded by the U.S. Embassy, I tried to make a deep connection between teenagers from my school and children with developmental disabilities, and help them with understanding each other while developing their social skills. Being a YEA can help me be even more successful and give me more experience in every aspect of youth activism.


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