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Dzulisa Otuzbir

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Arts and design, Film and photography, Music, Youth activism, Environment, Sport


I am a 26-year-old student from Novi Travnik, Bosnia, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Sarajevo, with a particular focus on European affairs. I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. My primary reason for studying International Relations and Diplomacy is my desire to join forces with young people who are willing to make positive changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to help my country improve its standing at the international scene. Apart from learning experiences, a major part of my education path has been marked by volunteering engagements at the Hastor Foundation, where I work with young people from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. My time there has helped me develop her leadership skills, while actually making an impact – thanks to her supervisors who not only recognized my potential but also created a supportive and positive environment for me to grow in and to improve my skills. My interests are very diverse, ranging from art and literature to sports and politics. You will often find me using my social platform networks to promote education, human rights, and freedoms.


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