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Anđela Micić



EU integration, Arts and culture, Technology, Human rights, Health and well-being


I am Anđela Micić, journalist, PR and digital marketing manager. I am currently working at Adria Television as a journalist and host of the central news show. As a journalist and then as the Editor-in-Chief, I was also a part of the first editorial staff of the first youth online media in Montenegro – Makanje. The focus of my interest is human rights, rights of girls and women, social justice and humanitarian work. I volunteered in several non-governmental organizations where I was involved in the education of children and youth, as well as humanitarian work. My work with young people continued through projects in the field of media – the project ‘Investigate or the story is not valid’, as an assistant to the main coordinator, and the project ‘You open the circle of change’ as a project manager. 

My vision is aimed at creating an environment where young people will be free to express their ideas and encouraged to realize them, displaying European values. I advocate for the rights of girls and women, the fight against violence against women, and the importance of the mental health of young people.


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