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My name is Velimir and I’m a political scientist, activist, and writer. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and I’m currently volunteering at the Center for Youth Work, where I advocate for the implementation of Global Education, primarily through the Fun Park blog which I write, and I’m also volunteering at IRIDA, a feminist initiative focusing on educating youths on gender issues and gender-based violence. One of my stories was recently published in a short story collection titled ‘Zb(i)rka mladosti.’ The topic of reconciliation in our region is one of the most important ones that we face today and through my work, I strive to inform others about the ways in which we could all work together and see past our prejudices and empower them to act for peace. What drives me to continue being active in my community is the fact that I grew up seeing ‘the others’ faced with apathy, hostility, and sometimes even violence. As a member of the LGBT community, I will strongly advocate for the safety and human rights of vulnerable groups and for peace in the region.


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