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Klajdi Kaziu



Film and photography, Music, Youth activism,Environment


Hi, I’m Klajdi. As a strong promoter of a common European identity, I’ve attempted to constantly invest in my capacities to identify challenges and to drive change in our shared social spaces. Being engaged for over two years as secretary-general and project coordinator at the United Nations Association of Albania, I’ve been continuously exposed to a number of large-scale initiatives and programmes that aim to advance the core UN vision of universal and inclusive human rights. Having been Albania’s Youth Delegate to a UNESCO General Conference, as well as being officially recognized as a Y-Peer Trainer in Peace-building and Conflict Resolution, my efforts have always been to uphold the perceptions of my home community at the broader arena, while simultaneously promoting universal rights, the freedom of choice, and peace and prosperity, among Albania’s younger generation. My contribution to the EngagEU ‘Youth Manifesto for the Future of Europe,’ the Franco-German Youth Office’s ‘Re-boot Europe,’ and the JEF-Young European Federalist ‘Europea at School’ initiatives, has been primarily driven by my passion and faith on the fundamental roles of political cooperation and economic integration in ensuring peace and human development.’

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