Diellza Ibrahimi



Arts and design, Film and photography, Youth activism, Environment


I am a young volunteer from Kosovo who aspires to create change and make the world a better place. I began volunteering at the Ideas Partnership in early 2019, and in recent years also attended several workshops and events that were set up by local organizations. I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from art and photography to environmental issues, female empowerment, and gender equality, but also forms of youth activism – some of which include ‘Breaking Borders through Art,’ ‘The Credibility of News We Consume,’ ‘It’s On Us To Stop Domestic Violence,’ and ‘Vaccine against Hate Speech,” to name a few. In addition to moderating content, I also manage sub-teams, conduct interviews for potential future team members, and help the creation of events within the community as well as other collaborative efforts. Alongside volunteer work, my academic achievements include graduation with a 5.0 GPA. In the future, I plan on studying political science and diplomacy, while continuing with many involvements within my community.


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