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Fatbardh Kabashi



Arts and design, Film and photography, Music, Youth activism


I am Fatbardh Kabashi, 20, and I come from a grape-town in Kosovo called Rahovec. I am a young person who creates art, studies design, and founded the social entrepreneurship ‘Wooden Eyes’ which I established at the age of 16. Wooden Eyes creates arts-and-crafts products – the sales of which allow me to finance free Braille courses for the blind in my city. I have participated in many workshops for youths in Kosovo and volunteered in many activities. I am in love with cities I have not seen, people I have not met, and cultures I do not know, and this gives me the enthusiasm to participate in various workshops and activities. As I believe that young people have the strength to make a difference for the better, I work towards this direction at every given opportunity. We have to be together, because together we are better. Together, we can change the world.

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