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Xhuljana Mucaj



Youth activism,Environment


I am Xhuljana, a professional lawyer who is currently working as a legal consultant close to the Municipality of Tirana. Being in possession of a double major in Law and Business Administration has helped me better understand the way in which legal concepts are associated with finance and administration. Throughout the years, I’ve always been interested in matters that are of concern to society, in particular, the management of solid waste in Tirana, where, due to several factors including the city’s rapid urbanisation and economic development, as well as the growth of its population, the management of the city’s solid waste has grown into a major cause for concern. The opportunities I would have as an EU-level YEA ambassador for Albanian youth would let me address important topics – such as coming up with a solution on how to remedy the damage we’ve caused to our environment. As a youth who wishes to continue living in her country, and as a lawyer who is continuously exposed to laws and regulations, I would like to propose several legal acts and targets that are to be put into place year after year towards improving Tirana’s waste management issue.

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