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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: Unleashing Global Entrepreneurial Talent

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program presents a unique opportunity for budding and aspiring entrepreneurs to expand their horizons through cross-border exchanges. By partnering with experienced entrepreneurs in other Single Market Programme (SMP) Participating Countries, new entrepreneurs gain invaluable on-the-job training, insights into advanced business practices, and exposure to broader markets. The programme not only facilitates the sharing of innovative ideas and skills but also enhances the competitiveness and international outlook of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This dynamic interaction fosters the development of sustainable, digital, and resilient businesses, significantly contributing to the European entrepreneurial ecosystem.


European Digital Identity and Trust Ecosystem

The initiative aims to support two waves of pilot programs to test and deploy the EU Digital Identity Wallet in key use cases, including cross-border applications using the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). These pilots will also integrate the wallet into national electronic identification ecosystems across Member States. The second round of grants will enhance the wallet's technical specifications and implementation guidelines, preparing it for broader applications and enabling interaction with various public and private services. This will ensure that the wallet supports a wide range of attestations and identity credentials. Additionally, the initiative will bolster the European Digital Identity and Trust Ecosystem by developing and maintaining digital service infrastructures necessary for cross-border digital transactions. These include the European Trust Services Ecosystem, the eID component for cross-border identity recognition, and improvements to the EU Digital Identity Wallet. The initiative will also support standards-based solutions like eDelivery for secure data exchange, eSignature for secure digital transactions, and eArchiving for sustainable data preservation. These efforts will ensure interoperability, accessibility, and the overall enhancement of digital trust services across Europe.

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What is the future made of?

Made of us

What is the future made of?

Six pairs of young vloggers went on a road trip to uncover the answer. They ventured to captivating destinations in the Western Balkans and engaged with the local entrepreneurs supported by the EU, sharing their experiences and highlighting the existing opportunities in the region on their social media.

Different personalities
same enthusiasm.
This is YEA!

We believe the young generations are the real driver for change.

That is why the Young European Ambassadors in the Western Balkans attend training events, courses, seminars and workshops that provide them with all the tools they need to become great influencers in their community and inspire a positive social change for the future.

Have a look at our past and next events and stay connected to know more about upcoming projects in YEA section of the website!

Who is going to win?
You decide!

It’s finally time to vote! Who’ll be the next group of YEAs to serve as the voice of Western Balkan youths? Choose your favourite candidate and vote for your future Young European Ambassadors!

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