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Sava Dokmanovic



EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Human rights


My name is Sava and I am from Belgrade. I am currently enrolled in the Japanese Studies Programme at the University of Belgrade. I have taken part in many projects, be that the individual or ones ran by different organizations, such as ‘Climate Heroes’ by WWF. In that project, we had the opportunity to start our own initiatives to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Our team managed to incorporate art with the theme of climate change in the form of an art exhibition. I have also been an active member of a few student organizations. One of them was AIESEC where I helped organize conferences dedicated to youth mobility. I’m also a member of the Organisation of Serbian Students Abroad (OSSI) aiming to help and create opportunities for Serbian students.
I believe that the motivation for change is an important but mostly a short-term boost. What we need is drive – something we believe in to give us a push and make us remember our values.


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