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Taskforce on disinformation about the war in Ukraine

A new taskforce will gather and analyse material to help understand disinformation trends relating to the war in Ukraine. The taskforce will focus on disinformation in EU and EEA countries, as well as the Western Balkans, collecting and sorting relevant material such as fact-checking, investigations, rapid analysis, and research on disinformation campaigns, as well as media literacy initiatives. The taskforce also aims to identify the datasets needed to understand disinformation campaigns.


The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) has already published a regularly updated list of online material with disinformation regarding the war. Such collections can inform policymakers, including the European Commission, to help understand the phenomenon of disinformation and contribute to an evidence-based decision-making process on the war in Ukraine.


The taskforce members will collaborate with national and regional EDMO hubs, small-scale online media projects and other relevant actors across Europe.

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Source: EDMO

Photo credits: EDMO

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