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A New Era of Energy Efficiency Subsidies in Kosovo

In a landmark move designed to promote energy efficiency and bolster the use of renewable energy in Kosovo, while also improving the social well-being of its inhabitants — an initiative supported by the European Union — the application for the comprehensive subsidy package was officially opened on August 18, 2023. Kosovo’s Ministry of Economy announced this subsidy package for families willing to invest in energy-efficient home appliances and solar water heating systems. “The EU’s support in this initiative underscores our mutual commitment to sustainable development and social inclusion,” said Alessandro Bianciardi on the day of announcement, illustrating the European Union’s integral role in this progressive move.


As part of the larger Energy Support Package backed by the EU, the new subsidy package has been crafted to alleviate the financial strain on households, making vital household appliances and utilities more accessible and aiding Kosovo in its pursuit of a sustainable, green transition. The subsidized items include washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and even solar systems designed for heating sanitary water. While the package is open to the general public, there is a special emphasis on aiding financially vulnerable groups. Specifically, self-supporting parents and citizens who are beneficiaries of categories I & II social assistance schemes stand to benefit the most from these new measures. For washing machines, while a standard subsidy of 200 Euros is available, single mothers and those on social assistance will receive higher subsidies of 300 and 400 Euros respectively. Dishwashers are subsidized at 150 Euros generally but rise to 250 and 300 Euros for the self-supporting and socially assisted categories. Refrigerators or freezers are subsidized at 100 Euros for the general population, with an increase to 150 and 200 Euros for the targeted vulnerable groups.


This initiative represents the first-ever energy efficiency scheme specifically designed for the residential sector by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. The program is administered by Kosovo’s Fund for Energy Efficiency. As winter nears, the urgency for these energy efficiency upgrades intensifies, offering the people of Kosovo both cozier homes and a smaller carbon footprint. These initiatives are part of the EU’s decisive response to pressing needs, with the rapid allocation of a notable EUR 75 million from its substantial EUR 1 billion Energy Support Package for the Western Balkans.  This package, a decisive counteraction to the skyrocketing energy prices in the aftermath of Russia’s unexpected aggression towards Ukraine, earmarks substantial funds to combat the prevailing energy crisis in Kosovo and its neighboring nations.

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Source: Europe House Kosovo

Photo credits: Europe House Kosovo

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