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The final conference of the ‘EU Support to the WB6 CIF’ project

At the final conference of the ‘EU Support to the WB6 CIF’ project in Prishtina, organized by the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF), members of the CIF Management Board called on the European Union to ensure the citizens and economies of the region enjoy the four fundamental freedoms that underpin the EU – free movement of people, goods, services, and capital. They assessed that this process could be completed in less than two years.


The European Commission – represented by Mr Thomas Hagleitner, thanked the project team for their excellent cooperation and welcomed the work achieved by the WB6 CIF to promote the benefits and opportunities of regional economic integration. As the voice of business in the Western Balkans, the role of WB6 CIF is now more important than ever. With a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities involved, WB6 CIF can help deepen the region’s economic integration – through the Common Regional Market and identify areas to bring the region closer to the EU’s Single Market.


Over the past three years, a large number of free services or activities were developed in the project involving more than 6,500 companies from all six economies of the Western Balkans. The main objectives of the project were to increase cross-border business cooperation in the Western Balkans by improving the regional legal and policy framework and facilitating direct cooperation through support services provided by the chambers of commerce. It also aimed to support private sector development by promoting access to finance for various types of businesses and market niches. Additionally, support services were provided to enhance competitiveness, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, pointed out the conference participants.

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Source: Chamber investment forum WB6

Photo credits: Chamber investment forum WB6

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