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European Mobility Week Starts

“Let’s move better – save energy!” is the slogan of this year’s European Mobility Week, which started on Saturday.Every year in the period from September 16 to 22, a manifestation is held, which is founded and sponsored by the European Commission. The campaign aims to favour non-motorised modes of transportation in cities over automobile traffic that uses fossil fuels, all with the aim of improving the quality of the environment in urban areas.


The campaign has been implemented since 2002, and last year almost 3,000 cities from 50 countries in Europe and the world celebrated this event. You can find the list of cities and municipalities from Serbia that have registered activities so far here.


For municipalities and cities, EUROPEAN MOBILITYWEEK provides an excellent opportunity to present sustainable transport alternatives to their residents and to explain to them the environmental challenges they face. By participating in the action, cities and municipalities can show citizens the advantages of choosing cleaner types of traffic and thereby improve the traffic situation in their local environment.


Local governments have been strongly encouraged to use this week to test new traffic measures while getting feedback from the public. It is also a great opportunity for local stakeholders to come together and discuss different aspects of mobility and air quality, to look for innovative solutions to reduce car use, to try out new technological and planning solutions. The campaign gives citizens the opportunity to explore new possibilities for using city streets and to experiment with practical solutions that contribute to solving important issues for cities, such as air pollution.

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Source: EU Delegation to Serbia

Photo credits: EU Delegation to Serbia

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