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The EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans will bring the region closer to the EU! Worth almost €30 billion, this is our chance to join forces to emerge stronger from the pandemic and unlock opportunities for future growth.

The EU’s almost €30 billion Economic and Investment Plan will bring the Western Balkans closer to the EU! This is our chance to join forces and emerge stronger from the pandemic, and unleash the potential of the region for a better tomorrow.

We will invest in ten priorities, called ‘flagships’, in the areas of green and digital transitions, connectivity and growth. This will also support the region in building the Common Regional Market, aimed at removing barriers to business and bringing the region closer to the EU’s single market.

Together, ready for recovery, ready to look forward.


Environment and climate / Clean energy

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. Our environment and ecosystems are under ever-increasing pressure. The Western Balkans is one of the regions in Europe most affected by climate change, and this trend is expected to continue. In line with the European Green Deal, protecting the natural environment and tackling climate change are at the heart of the EU Economic and Investment Plan (EIP), and the flanking Green Agenda for the Western Balkans.

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Digital future

Digitalisation touches on every aspect of our lives today, from transport to healthcare, education to shopping. Improving internet access and digital skills is crucial to make sure that no one is left behind. But digitalisation challenges in the Western Balkans are significant. That’s why supporting the digital transformation is at the core of the EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the region.

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Sustainable transport

Better transport links and infrastructure can transform a region or community, and drive growth and wider benefits. However, transport infrastructure in the Western Balkans lags behind much of the rest of Europe, in both quality and density. Building on work over decades, with the Economic and Investment Plan, the EU is stepping up investment in transport to bring about faster, safer, greener solutions.

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Private sector and human capital

A competitive economy and fair society in the Western Balkans is good for the region and good for Europe. The EU has long supported economic and social development in the Western Balkans yet gaps remain. The EU is already behind many initiatives to make the private sector more competitive, help small businesses, support research and innovation, and training for young people. But more is needed – and this is where the EU’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans comes in!

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Facts and figures

The Economic and Investment Plan (EIP) is equivalent to 1/3 of the GDP of the Western Balkan region
The EIP brings unprecedented resources of almost €30 billion to the Western Balkans
The EIP = €9 billion of EU funding leveraging up to €20 billion of investments
EU companies account for +60% of Foreign Direct Investment in the Western Balkans
The EU is #1 donor, trading partner and investor of the Western Balkans
The EU accounts for 70% of total trade of the Western Balkan region

Meet our Influencers

In these videos, we hear from a number of special people from the region, active in areas highlighted by our campaign and at the heart of the EIP. From green to growth, connectivity to digital, these individuals tell us about their achievements, challenges they’ve faced, and where EU support can make a difference. Watch the interviews!

Miloš Milisavljević


Milica Boca


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Hundreds of projects will benefit from the new EU Economic and Investment Plan in the Western Balkans.
Stay connected and discover more on how you can be part of the change!

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Our Stories

You’ll soon be able to find out more information about the EIP-supported projects as they develop in your area. In the meantime, dive into some of our stories about projects in the fields of green, digital, connectivity and growth that have already come to life with support from the EU.

The EIP brings support to the next level. But this builds on decades of support to people and communities right across the Western Balkans. Take a look.

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