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Young European Ambassadors embrace green activism

Our Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from the Western Balkans have been doing what they do best – initiating activism towards social change. Their most recent video is about the EU’s Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, which aims to assist the region in tackling pollution and align the region’s environmental quality regulations with EU standards – key for aspiring EU members.


The YEAs have been focusing on the environmental issues they face every day, identifying the actions required to find green solutions – with many of their priorities mirrored by the Green Agenda’s commitments.  Some of their most pressing concerns include pollution, with air pollution levels in particular amongst the highest in Europe. YEAs also emphasise the need for greener energy production, better awareness of environmental issues, and stricter environmental policies and legislation.


Their activism on the Green Agenda has already reached wide audiences. In July, YEAs attended the EXIT music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, where they met young people from around the world. Over two days they asked festival attendees about the environment, green diplomacy and the Western Balkans Green Agenda. Interviewees were also asked about their everyday efforts to make the planet and their community greener.


The green future of our planet is important for YEAs: it means the world to them, and it means the world to us all.


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