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MADE OF US campaign reaches Albania today

“Made of Us – An EU-Western Balkans road trip” campaign, funded by the EU and brought to you by WeBalkans, continues this week in Albania.  This awareness campaign aims to promote a positive image of the EU to the people of the Western Balkans, and vice versa. Its protagonists are 12 young EU and Western Balkan vloggers who travel across the region in pairs. Each of the pairs share their experiences along the way by creating their own online content. The EU Delegation in Albania hosted a media lunch today to announce the start of the journey in Albania. The Head of the Political Section of European Union to Albania Alexi Hupin, welcomed the vloggers and commended them for their contribution to the promotion of the EU and Albania.


The vloggers, Ornela Zani (@ornela.zani) from Albania and Natalia Orda (@natalia_orda) from Poland, set off on their journey yesterday. They will be on the road for a total of seven days between 23 and 30 May, showcasing the best of Albania as well as EU investments in the region. Their itinerary encompasses visits to various locations, including tourism, cultural, and artistic projects that have received support from the EU. Among the EU-funded projects they will be exploring are EU4 Culture, which provides assistance in restoring sites and monuments affected by the 2019 earthquake. They will also be covering “Za Fest,” a music festival that draws attention to the northern region of Albania, and the Roman Emperors Vine Route, a collection of virtual tours covering the entire Western Balkan region, including Albania.


The campaign started on 18 April and will continue until 30 May, with each week focusing on one of the WB6 partners. The vloggers will cover a total of 18 EU-supported projects, 6000 km by car, and meet interesting and inspiring local personalities along the way, all the while showcasing the natural scenery, extraordinary landmarks and unique cultural heritage that the Western Balkans have to offer. The twelve vloggers will record their experiences using their own equipment and social media channels, translating the journey into high-quality social media and web content, photos and videos, which will be disseminated on the WeBalkans channels.

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