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Europe Day in BiH – Always in the Heart of Europe

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the heart of Europe” is the powerful message resonating across Bosnia and Herzegovina, in celebration of the longstanding ties between the EU and BiH, on the first Europe Day BiH’s is celebrating as an EU candidate country. Numerous heritage sites across the country were illuminated with the EU flag – Kastel in Banja Luka, Stari Most in Mostar, the Old Fortress in Travnik, Jajce Waterfall, and Brčko’s City Hall – as beacons of our common heritage and values, representing unity.


In Sarajevo, thousands of citizens gathered by the Eternal Flame, in front the EU’s new centre for events, discussions and exhibitions for the public – Europe House. It was a celebration to remember with energetic performances by Helem Nejse, Zoster, Laka and Lela, Aida Aršić Mušanović, Marija Šestić and Nedim Bašić. The audience was welcomed by Ambassador Johann Sattler, Head of the Delegation of the EU to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH, and Sarajevo City Mayor Benjamina Karić, who joined a joyful audience of diplomats, local officials, cultural representatives and youth, in underlining that BiH’s place is in the EU.


“On Europe Day, we remember the importance of choosing partnership over enmity, diversity over intolerance, compromise over stalemate, and alliance over isolation. We must fight for a more secure future, a more united future, a more just future. A future for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans in the European Union,” emphasised Ambassador Sattler during his speech in Europe House, reminding the audience of the powerful symbolism of the Eternal Flame building being home to Sarajevo’s new Europe House “Here, outside this building, the Eternal Flame burns, commemorating all those who died as a result of the inhumanity of fascism and Europe’s descent into the savagery of World World II. It is therefore fitting that it should also be the home of Sarajevo’s new Europe House. The EU is more than anything a project for peace. 73 years ago today, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman made his famous Declaration that war on our continent should not only be unthinkable but materially impossible. Out of Schuman’s Declaration, the EU was born. It is this, as well as the victory of human values over the darkness of fascism, that we celebrate on Europe Day.”


Activities are organised by the European Union in BiH across the country. Cultural, educational, informative and entertaining activities for all ages are being implemented with the citizens and for the citizens, while we underline our connections through good, and through respect and dedication to a more prosperous tomorrow for future generations.

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Photo credits: EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina

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