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Young European Ambassadors celebrated Europe Day across Western Balkans

The Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) from the Western Balkans have been actively involved in various activities to promote European values and encourage cultural exchange. Their efforts are key in engaging youth and communities in celebrating Europe Day and other related events. This report covers activities from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.



During Europe Week 2024, YEAs in Albania took part in several events across the country. On May 4th in Shirokë Shkoder, YEAs set up a stand at the EU Fair to share information about YEA Network projects and opportunities. The event featured live-streamed interviews and discussions on various projects. Serona Kolaveri represented the YEAs in a panel discussion on civic engagement, emphasising the importance of youth involvement in human rights advocacy.

On May 6th in Gjirokaster, the YEAs engaged with the public at another EU Fair, showcasing their initiatives. Serona Kolaveri highlighted her experiences and the impact of the YEA Network.

In Tirana, on May 9th, YEAs participated in the EU Fair, offering insights into their mission and achievements. Maria Zharanjaku represented the YEAs, discussing youth empowerment and announcing upcoming opportunities. The event included a panel discussion moderated by YEA Xhuljana Mucaj, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 2004 EU Enlargement.

On May 10th, a panel discussion on women’s empowerment in the Western Balkans was hosted by the College of Europe in Tirana. Speakers highlighted the importance of education, inclusive policies, and leveraging women’s potential for sustainable development.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, YEAs engaged in multiple activities during the EU Day celebrations. They took part in a digital exhibition in Mostar, featuring VR experiences such as a virtual jump from the Old Bridge and a visit to the Museum of Old Crafts.

YEAs also took part in EU pub quizzes in seven cities, helping young people learning about the EU. Dragana Vučković and Hadžera Selimović presented the YEA network at the GEN Change programme, announcing a new call for YEAs in autumn 2024. The celebrations ended with concerts in four cities, bringing communities together through music.




On May 9th, YEAs in Kosovo participated in various volunteer activities in Prishtina. They supported the opening of the children’s exhibition “Explore Europe” at Europe House, engaging children with interactive experiences about European cultures. At the Explore Europe event held at Zahir Pajaziti Square, YEAs facilitated cultural exchange by assisting representatives of different EU embassies. They also attended the inauguration of the Chopin Piano Fest, enjoying a performance by a Ukrainian pianist.




YEAs in Montenegro celebrated Europe Day with several events. They joined the EU Day celebrations in Podgorica, participating in activities with other ambassadors and stakeholders, enjoying music and networking. On May 11th, YEAs assisted ambassadors at the flowerbed bazaar, introducing their countries’ food and items to the public. On May 12th, YEAs attended the Festival of Lights, contributing to the celebrations.



North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, YEAs attended a reception at Laboratorium, a local creativity and youth space that recently won 2nd place in the New European Bauhaus competition by the European Commission. This event highlighted the importance of creative and cultural spaces in fostering youth engagement and European values. During the reception, YEAs participated in interactive discussions, emphasizing the role of youth in shaping the future of Europe.




In Serbia, YEAs marked Europe Day under the slogan “Europe is our home.” The celebration took place at the Botanical Garden in Belgrade, gathering governmental representatives, diplomats, CSO members, and the academic community. EU Ambassador to Serbia, Emanuele Giaufret, emphasized the EU’s commitment to supporting Serbia’s integration into the European Union.

The YEAs from the Western Balkans have demonstrated significant engagement and commitment to promoting European values and fostering cultural exchange. Their participation in various events has not only enriched their understanding of the EU but also facilitated meaningful interactions within their communities. Through their efforts, YEAs continue to play a vital role in empowering youth and enhancing civic engagement in the region.


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