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Civil Society Forum 2022

The EU-financed TACSO 3 project announced the forthcoming EU-Western Balkans and Turkey Civil Society Forum 2022 and invites civil society organisation (CSO) leaders and experienced civil society activists as well as representatives of grassroots CSOs to apply as contributors to the Forum sessions and as participants of the event.


The Civil Society Forum 2022 (Forum ’22) will be held on 8 and 9 June as a hybrid live and virtual event. A limited number of up to 120 participants will be selected for live participation in Skopje. Online participation will allow further active video involvement in all Forum ’22 sessions.


Forum ‘22 will gather civil society representatives (including non-profit media organisations), public authorities, EU representatives, donors, and other stakeholders in the area of civil society development in the Western Balkans and Turkey. It will discuss the current state of affairs for CSOs in the region, as well as joint actions on the part of the EU, public authorities and civil society that will address the identified challenges.


The main objective of Forum ’22 is to launch, present and discuss the follow-up to the revised EU Guidelines for Support to Civil Society in the Enlargement region (2021-2027), for which there has been extensive consultation with civil society in the past two years and which have been revised based on the feedback received and new developments.

Source: TACSO

Photo credits: TACSO

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