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A historic moment for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path toward EU membership

EU officials have emphasised the importance of continued reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a landmark decision taken on the 22nd of March 2024, the European Union has formally agreed to initiate membership negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, marking a major milestone in the country’s longstanding aspiration to join the bloc. This development signifies a turning point for Bosnia and Herzegovina, acknowledging its dedication to aligning with EU standards and setting the course for a more unified future within the European community.


The journey to this pivotal moment has not been an easy one for Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the nation undertaking extensive efforts to enforce the requisite reforms mandated by the EU. These reforms have centred on bolstering democratic governance, the rule of law, human rights, and economic restructuring. Today’s endorsement by the European Council is a testament to the progress made by Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The path to EU membership is known for its demanding nature and protracted timeframe, with the accession process typically spanning multiple years. It requires an exhaustive review of the aspirant country’s legislation and policy framework to ensure compatibility with EU directives and regulations. For Bosnia and Herzegovina, today’s decision is just the beginning of a journey that will require sustained effort and cooperation across all sectors of society.


EU officials have underscored the importance of continued reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially concerning anti-corruption, judicial autonomy, and fiscal stability. The European Union has assured Bosnia and Herzegovina of its continuous backing, which includes expert guidance and financial assistance, to aid in fulfilling the remaining benchmarks for accession.


The decision to open membership negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina also sends a strong signal to other Western Balkan countries aspiring to join the EU. It reaffirms the European Union’s commitment to enlargement and integration, based on merit and the adherence to core European values.

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