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The International Youth Conference ”European Values for the Future of the SEE Countries”

30 September – 4 October 2021 Krusevo, North Macedonia

European Values for the Future of the SEE Countries

The International Youth Conference


The International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of the SEE Countries“ was initiated in 2003 to grow into a Traditional Youth Conference actively attended by more than 1000 different individuals, youth leaders for the last 19 years. Back in the day, European values in the SEE countries were a significant issue affecting everyone. Now, 19 years from the organization of the first conference, the topic is still vigorous and pending, but the political-economic map of the region has notably changed. Although all countries embarked from the same point, the situation today with all of them is different.

The International Youth Conference “European Values for the Future of SEE Countries“ has existed for nineteen consecutive years as a forum where 60 active, successful, and competent young leaders, youth workers, and representatives from prominent NGOs from 16 countries are gathered every year. These fighters for a better future are sharing their visions, strategies, campaigns, and way of thinking during the 5-day forum.

The International Youth Conference is a unique place, a cultural crossroad aiming to mobilize young leaders from SEE to reinvent a more inclusive regional cooperation process. Equally, the conference aims to work with young leaders from the region to raise their decision-making and advocacy skills and to help mold a generation of democratic leaders who cross historical, geographical, and cultural barriers will support the EU integrative process of/within the region.

This year conference will take place under the general topic “The Regional Transformation” and aims to provide youth answers to some of the most pressing questions of the region, focusing on European integration, in times of unprecedented challenges.

Our 14 YEAs will be participating this year – Erisa Zemzadja and Loreta Gjoni from Albania, Hadzera Selimovic and Dragana Vuckovic from Bosnia and Herzgovina, Desantila Muriqi and Arjana Rudari from Kosovo, Stefan Vukmanovic and Dado Dervanovic from Montenegro, Aleksandar Karatosho, Sara Risteska, Dona Srdikj and Ana Kjupeva from North Macednia, Janja Jankovic and Dragana Grahovac from Serbia.

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