Social Media Webinar for YEAs | WeBalkans | EU Projects in the Western Balkans


Social Media Webinar

for YEAs

16 December 2022 | Online event

Online activism is a crucial aspect of YEA network. YEAs are communicators, sharers, and bearers of opportunities, messages, and experiences, for this reason it is very important that they know the best way how to communicate through social media channels and how to use them for educational purposes.

On 16 December, the newest YEAs who joined our network this year, attended the Social Media webinar which was conducted by trainer Edenio Rosati and YEA Country coordinator for Montenegro Dado Dervanovic. Topics included: “The world of Social Media Communication”, “The importance of communication and digital communication activities in WeBalkans project”, “Stories, Reels, Mentions, hashtags, stickers, tags…”, and “Social Media campaigns”.

The new YEAs are now ready to become active communicators on their social media platforms. Make sure you follow them to find out more about their activism, EU opportunities for young people, human rights, the environment, art, culture, technology, sport and so much more.

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