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Violë Maksuti



EU integration, Technology, Human rights


Hi there! I am Viola, an enthusiastic volunteer and advocate for youth rights, and a diligent student of Political Science and Computer Science. I have been an active volunteer for more than five years now, especially in the sector of youth and education. Some of my activities include: founding the Informational Education Platform (PIE – Plaforma Informuese e Edukimit) that shares information regarding all types of educational opportunities ranging from scholarships, workshops, exchange programs, and volunteering spaces; being an MP in the Youth Assembly of Kosovo, where we advocate for youth rights and create projects that tackle youth’s issues; and, being a team rep at the Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, where we discuss and share ideas, and implement projects to encourage our youth’s active citizenship.
Being a pioneer woman in technology and chess, I aim to break other gender stereotypes, to be a voice for those who feel voiceless, and promote EU values in our society.


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