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My name is Uendi Xhani. I’m 20 years old and currently I’m an undergraduate student studying Law in Albania. I have a strong commitment to my education. I graduated with honors from high school and now I’m a top scholar at my university. I have matured greatly and continued to do so throughout these years and kept a strong focus in life to achieve my goals. These past few years I have been involved in a few nonprofit organizations such as Young Shapers of Albania Hub and Outdoor Ambassadors. I have also been involved in volunteer work, activism for youth and environmental causes.

My passion extends beyond an academic aspect. I like to travel, I have always been deeply curious about other cultures and languages. I am proficient in English, Japanese and German and focusing on learning French. Reading has been my everyday passion ever since my early years. Lately thanks to my studies, I enjoy reading books that enable me to have a broad knowledge of international relations. I truly enjoy exploring possibilities for making positive changes in people’s lives.

I want to see my generation have the same rights and opportunities in Albania so they do not wish to leave their country. I am a true believer of international cooperation as it brings stability and widespread economic welfare and opportunities.

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