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Timur Vilić

Bosnia and Herzegovina


EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Human rights


My name is Timur Vilić and I come from Sarajevo. I have grown up seeing my hometown and country slowly waste away due to rampant corruption. In recent years, after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Italian and Persian Languages and Literature at the University of Sarajevo, I finally decided to get actively involved in political life. I am currently involved in all the political processes happening in Canton Sarajevo. I hold the positions of President of the Youth Forum of Naša stranka (Our Party) Sarajevo, Vice-President of the Local Board and member of the Main Board. I was also a candidate at the elections twice.  

I believe that the future of my country is in the EU and that its membership in it is the fundamental precondition for sustainable development of our economy and society. The only way to reach these goals is for the youth to get actively involved in the political processes and let their voices be heard. We are creative and original, we have all the prerequisites and potential, even opportunities. All that is needed is for us to realise the power we hold.


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