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Suhel Ahmeti



Arts and design, Film and photography, Music, Youth activism, Environment, Sport


My name is Suhel, I was born in Prishtina, Kosovo, and I graduated from the Economics Faculty/Marketing Department of the University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina.’ I’ve been involved in volunteer work and activism since elementary school. I am an activist for youth, peace, and environmental causes, and I am also a public speaker and a young leader. I was appointed Youth Reconciliation Ambassador by the Youth Education Committee, and I’m an open-minded, ambitious, people-person who is enthusiastic, self-aware, and respectful. I am passionate about science and astronomy, as well as biking, hiking, traveling, and nature. Being a founder and president of the Astronomy Club of Kosovo, I am also a team leader for the ‘Under One Sky’ initiative. Additionally, I am the National Coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders, and I’ve worked various jobs including Call Agent for Ipko Tel., Guest Manager for Skena Up, Logistics Officer for Prishtina International Summer University, and Coordinator for Qiriazi Center/Servant Leadership Camp, OSCE Alumni, and the Ministry of Local Government Administration for the Apprenticeship Programme. I’m always striving to show commitment, leadership skills, and confidence by continuing my educational endeavors and continuously pushing myself towards becoming a better person.

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