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Stanisha Stankovikj

North Macedonia


EU integration, Environmental protection, Human rights, Health and well-being


My name is Stanisha Stankovkj. I am a student and youth activist for human rights, especially of the marginalized groups. I participated in the work of the European Youth Centre in Budapest and Strasbourg, as well as the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels. On World Children’s Day 2021, organized by UNICEF and the President of North Macedonia, I was a youth speaker on quality education. Today, I am a member of the first Youth Organization for children and youth from single-parent families in North Macedonia, where I work in the area of protection. On International Youth Day, the NYCM, AYS, and the President of North Macedonia gave us recognition for promoting and advancing rights of those groups and for organizing the first protest for this vulnerable category in the history of the country. 

I learned that courage and endurance mean a lot in the eyes of people. Only strong people have the hardest life struggles because they have the courage to fight!


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