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Silvana Farruku



EU integration, Environmental protection, Human rights, Health and well-being


My name is Silvana Farruku. I am a junior linguist, researcher, volunteer and activist for human rights. I am actively volunteering at Erasmus Student Network Albania and I recently joined the UN Youth Association in Tirana. I love to actively bring ideas to the table and encourage peers to do so.  I graduated as a Master of Science in Contemporary Linguistics at the University of Tirana and the Humboldt University of Berlin. I strongly believe that language must not be undervalued. Considering its destructive power, it is crucial to educate the youth to be aware of it, especially in the present times, where love or hate can be spread throughout the online world in one second. If my peers and I want a better future, each of us must make it ourselves, not complain. 

As someone who has spent almost a year in an EU country as Erasmus+ Student in Germany, I am convinced I can strongly advocate for European values and motivate peers to engage in decision-making actively.  I am confident that youth will be the driver of European changes in the region and that they will steer it in a different pathway.


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