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My name is Shpëtim Ramadani and I’m from Ferizaj, Kosovo. I study Biochemistry at the State University of Tetova and I’m a KLYES ‘21 alumni.
I’ve always been active in my community, from organising after-school activities to becoming an active participant in youth organisations. I started volunteering when I was 15 and since then have volunteered for local organisations like HandiFER, Down Syndrome Kosovo, Renesanca and regional ones like RYCO in the RouteWB6 program. I was also a part of RouteWB6’s “A Better Region Starts with Volunteering” conference in December 2021.
I was part of the Youth Assembly of Ferizaj for over a year and was also part of USAID’s Youth Advisory Board from November 2020 to December 2021. 
Peace-building is very important to me, which is why I’ve attended numerous peace-building seminars and workshops organised by NGOs such as YIHR, USAID, NDI, UN Peace-building, etc.
“If you want change, you gotta be part of the change” is something that I mention often and I’m hoping this saying encourages my peers from all over the Western Balkan to be a change for the better.


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