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Shefkije Alasani Dika

North Macedonia


EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture


My name is Shefkije but all my friends call me Kija. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in International Communication and I am about to finish my Master in Diplomacy Studies at the South East European University. During my studies, there were two opportunities that affected me academically and personally: being an Erasmus exchange BA and MA student in Ljubljana and Graz. In 2015, I started an internship at a national TV in Skopje, where I continued working for 3 years as a web editor. After that, I worked for one year as a TV show host at the same media outlet. Now I am a freelance journalist writing articles about the EU integration process of the Republic of North Macedonia and the gender gap in my country.  Meanwhile, I lead an NGO in my hometown, working with high schoolers on multicultural and art topics. I must mention that I am a big fan of nature and I am a co-founder of a hiking club in my city. We hike for fun and at the same time we work to raise ecological awareness in our community.


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