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Rexhina Pelivani



Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Technology, Human rights, Health and well-being


Throughout the discovery of myself, I am convinced that my life mission lies between two poles: the love for humanity and the world. Between the two lies a whole field, which has supplied energy to the efforts of a girl for revolt, freedom, and emancipation.  Who am I? My name is Rexhina Pelivani, a student interested in art and science following her passion for Pharmacy at the University of Medicine in Tirana. You can also call me the missionary girl who tried to leave an impression on every volunteer mission through originality, creativity, compassion, and commitment regardless of fatigue. My voluntary efforts with visionary and forward-looking young people in medicine, culture, human rights, environmental protection, art and technological development have made me love activism more and more. 

How wonderful it is to have courage and fight! ‘Turning my Keratoconus into an artwork’ is my creative weapon and my actual artistic revolt against the negligence of health institutions.


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