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My name is Miloš Barjaktarović and I am a senior student in Gymnasium “Panto Mališić” in Berane. Since primary school I participated in many extracurricular activities, ranging from mathematics competitions to youth activism projects. However, I pride myself the most with the fact that I was recognised as one of the best mathematicians in the country in multiple occasions. Therefore, I competed in many international mathematical competitions. I also find interest in other fields of science, such as biology. This interest inspired me and my friends to make illustrative and compelling video about photosynthesis process, which also got uploaded on school’s YouTube channel.

When it comes to youth activism, I usually brag with my participation in an Erasmus+ project. I am also an active volunteer in various youth organizations. I am not reluctant to take initiative and discuss any stigmatic topic in my frequently conformist society. Consistency is a key to all my accomplishments, both academic and personal. I love adventures and strive to make bonds with people in every occasion, though I may act like an introvert sometimes. However indecisive I may seem, I never hesitate when it comes to distinguishing good and bad values and acting accordingly to any kind of social injustice. 


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