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Merita Dukaj



EU integration, Environmental protection, Human rights


My name is Merita Dukaj, I am an Albanian from Montenegro. I am currently a high school senior of 25. Maj High School in Tuzi. I am the winner of the ‘Luča’ diploma for excellent achievement in school. I engage in many youth activism activities. I love writing and my dream is to publish as much as I can. So far I have published a collection of poems called ‘First Rays’. I am a member of UNICEF’s Young Reporters, a representative of my school at the High School Students Union of Montenegro, and also one of the coordinators of the volunteer club in my school. The mission of the Young European Ambassadors left a great impression on me because I think European values should be promoted more.  In this way, we will build a safe future for our European homes. I believe that I will contribute, as a member of a minority group in Montenegro, to the promotion of human rights, which is one of the greatest European values.


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