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Matia Prenkočević



EU integration, Human rights


My name is Matia Prenkočević and I am a future student at Business School in Belgrade, specializing in management and marketing. I think it’s important to spread awareness about major issues such as misogyny, climate change, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and ethnic segregation. I participated in UNICEF’s program “Opportunities” project, where I could observe how journalists operate firsthand, and also volunteered as an assistant in the main PR office of the city of Podgorica, furthermore, I also took part in the Erasmus+ project “Mobility of Non-Formal Learning” in Turkey and then NGO Prima’s “Healthy relationships 2022 — If one loves, they don’t hurt”. I’m a firm believer that young people can use artistic expression and their social media presence to pressure lawmakers and institutions to protect our human rights, as such I enjoy going to theaters, playing video games, and watching films.


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