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Luka Vukotić



EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Human rights


I am a student of Law at the University of Montenegro. I am also an activist, environmentalist and human rights defender. I tend to use every opportunity to gain new skills or knowledge. As someone who is willing to learn and grow both professionally and socially, I attended many seminars, workshops, and trainings where I had the opportunity to notice a negative phenomenon: very few people my age are active, informed about the disadvantaged position of young people, and generally aware of problems in the country. I want to change that, so one of my main goals on my professional path is to empower and motivate young people to get involved in activism and social events that are shaping our common future.

I am making every effort to acquire new skills, new tools, and study new practices and approaches in the field of activism, youth participation, human rights, and the implementation of modern standards and EU values in the hope that these skills will be beneficial for society.


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