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Lazar Simić



EU integration, Environmental protection, Human rights


My name is Lazar Simić and I am a student, media worker, researcher and activist. I study International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade. Journalism is a sphere where I have been active for five years, now working primarily with Local Press and DWA. I am a certificated MIL educator, too. Being one of the young leaders in the campaign ‘Media Content for The Young’ was a step towards what I currently work on – forming Young Media Network, which will be the first regional youth media network in the Balkans. As I find institutionalization important, I finished the Academy of Youth Policies organized by the National Youth Council of Serbia to gain the necessary knowledge.
I use my social media profiles to spread the word about everything I learn. Sharing is not only caring but also the goal. Proud of being a Balkan boy, I have a strong desire to make the Balkans a better and safer place for everybody. However, young generations and minorities are my top priority.


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