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Kleili Çako



EU integration, Environmental protection, Arts and culture, Technology, Human rights, Health and well-being


My name is Kleili Çako, and I am a 19-year-old aspiring musician and activist. I come from Vlora, a town south of Albania, and I am currently studying medicine in Tirana to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor. When I had the opportunity to offer Albanian language classes while volunteering at a summer camp in Italy, I was surprised by the high number of participants. It is instances such as this that inspire me to further engage myself in teaching and instilling the concept of diversity and multiculturalism in today’s youth.

My goal is to not only have a successful career as an individual and to pursue my passion in music, but most importantly, through my work, to help others in their daily life and to expand their horizons along with mine. By doing this, I hope to contribute to the fight against prejudice and discrimination in my community and, along with today’s youth, build a more solid foundation for the future.


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