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My name is Gresa Boshtraj, I am a designer from a town called Decan but I live in Prishtina, Kosovo. As a person who studied design thinking which basically means problem solving, my mindset in life is to always contribute in different challenges that surround us, including here Balkan challenges as well.

I have always been interested in gathering as much information as I could in different fields too, such as my country’s history, culture, behaviour, art, innovation and the relation that it has with other Balkan countries. Managing my small business has also given me management skills, including here planning, designing, creating content, digital marketing, photography, communication design and selling too. I have also worked in different types of jobs in which I have perfected my English speaking skills, my communication with different types of people all over the world, my observation and analytic approach in different subjects and saying my opinions and thoughts based in logical reasons and arguments. I have also been part of BECC- ENCC (European Network of Cultural Centers) capacity building program/ training where I had the chance to train and exchange my culture with different European culture centers representatives and I think it has influenced and inspired me to continue building good relations, connections and creating solutions for different challenges that occur Europeans and Balkans as well.


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