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My name is Gersi Hoxha, born and raised in Elbasan. Lately I have finished my Bachelor’s studies on Finance at the University of Tirana. My engagement with focus on youth and the challenges that they face has started when I was only 15 years old, as part of the INAC NGO and years later it still continues because of my great desire to contribute to the community. 

In 2019 together with a group of students, with the goal of raising awareness among Albanian youth for the importance on volunteering we managed to create and implement the initiative “I Love Volunteering”, supported by AS@N and financed by the Europian Union. Currently I’m in my second year of being part in the SAME “Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe” initiative which is focused in strengthening solidarity and youth activism and a project that is implemented in many European countries which has created a broad international cooperative network among youth NGO’s. In 2020, which was the first year of the implementation of the initiative in Albania I held the position of being the national contact information person and a Local Coordinator in Elbasan, a year in which Albania was the only country that managed to finalise the project during the pandemic. This year in the new organisational structure I am a Board Member of the Assembly and continue to be a Local Coordinator. 

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