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Erisa Zemzadja



Youth activism,Environment


My name is Erisa Zemzadja and I come from Tirana, Albania. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from Bahcesehir University, Turkey. I did my Erasmus programme in Antwerp, Belgium, where I had the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of European Union institutions, decision-making processes, policies, and values. Following my graduation, I moved to Belgium to carry out a Master’s degree in Political Science at Université Libre de Bruxelles. Following my studies, I began working in Brussels’ non-profit sector to advocate for the rights of various groups facing inequalities, towards promoting a more inclusive society through the empowerment of women. Over the past months, I completed a short academic programme at Lake Superior State University in Michigan, the United States, where I had the opportunity to devote myself to research on gender issues. I’m currently based in Tirana, where I am a political research contributor on the Western Balkan region for Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa, a Swiss non-governmental organization that promotes European values and integration.

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