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Emina Balota



Youth activism, Environment Sport


My name is Emina, I was born in Luxembourg, but grew up in Montenegro. I am a student of political science at the University of Montenegro (the Department of IR and Politicology). I am a highly versatile person – I was a member of the volunteer, drama, and entrepreneurial clubs, as well as the literary and ecology sections. In addition to being committed to formal education, I have been involved in various youth activities and youth NGOs. I was a representative of Montenegro in a public debate “EU enlargement and the Western Balkans”, held at the European Commission. This event was a big experience for me and a big success to represent my country as an 18-year-old high school student. I have also completed courses in journalism and first-aid training participated in the ERASMUS+ youth exchange program in Slovenia and been involved in many events and projects on various topics such as social inclusion, cross-sectoral youth policy, leadership, gender equality, climate change, European values, prejudices and stereotypes in our community, the role of young people in the prevention of violent radicalism and extremism, etc. I am currently a member of the following NGOs – the Civic Youth Initiative, the International Association of Political Science Students (IAPSS), and the Montenegrin Association of Political Science Students (MAPSS).


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