Dragana Grahovac



Youth activism, Environment, Sport


Hi! I’m Dragana from Belgrade! I am a first-year student in chemical engineering at the University of Belgrade. As a student, I achieved outstanding results both in competitions and at school, and as I have a love for science, I’m a member of the Petnica Research Center and the Belgrade Center for Talents. I believe that languages and ecology affect the way in which we perceive the world around us and that they enable a better understanding of different cultures, peoples, and events. Throughout my four years of volunteer work, I’ve tried to let the voices of the underrepresented be heard, and always pushed for social change. This is the reason as to why I’m so eager to interact with people from various backgrounds and to hear and share their stories with youths through this platform. I am currently an online volunteer with UNICEF, in a team that promotes sustainability support and environmental awareness. I also provide information to people about the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was a member of the environmental organization ‘ImpactEco’ and participated in the #Stanamtesko movement’s activities – which was run by the Young Researchers of Serbia. Moreover, I also volunteered for film, sports, and theatre festivals.


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