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Dona Srdikj Lazarevska

North Macedonia




Hi I’m Dona! Coming from a minority ethnic group and living as a young person in one of Europe’s lesser-developed economies, I became interested in politics at a very young age. Accordingly, I oriented myself towards becoming a political scientist and studied at the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law in Skopje. I graduated with a degree in Political Science (in English), and later underwent a traineeship at the Association of Trade Unions of North Macedonia, where I worked at the Department of International Relations and European Integrations. I have also participated in a number of ‘Model European Parliament’ competitions and was a member of a project in Thessaloniki that aimed to re-establish friendly relations between Macedonia and Greece following the Macedonia-naming dispute between both countries. I’ve participated in numerous conferences, debates, television programmes, and seminars, ranging from the promotion of basic human rights in North Macedonia, to complex global problems. Furthermore, I was also a participant in the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights workshop that was organised at my faculty, and volunteered in a women’s rights NGO in my hometown. Over the past two years, I’ve been working as a reporting analyst for an American firm called ‘SIB,’ via an outsourcing company in Bitola (Taskforce BPO).


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