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Diamant Hoti



Economy, Environment, Youth activism

I’m Diamant Hoti and I graduated from the Faculty of Economics in the field of Management and Informatics, as well as being engaged as youth activist at the same time. As a young person, I have always seen my engagement in society as an opportunity to create better conditions, especially for the youth of our country and of the region.
At the age of 18 I joined the business world and began managing my first company in parallel with my university studies.
One of the experiences that influenced my professional development was my banking internship as a “Business Client Advisor”, followed by the “Academy for Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol”. I attended the “Model European Union” EU decision-making training organised by EWEI, as well as training on “Investing in World Stock Exchanges”, all during the last 2-3 years.
My commitment has also related to Germany, where I became one of the most active young people in the Albanian Student Network in the country, voluntarily participating in every meeting held and in online training sessions introducing Kosovo and its young people.


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