Diamant Hoti



Economy, Environment, Youth activism

I am Diamant Hoti, I live in Prizren, Kosovo and I am a student at the Faculty of Economics, Management, and IT.
I’ve always been an ambitious, hardworking person, motivated, and interested to contribute to Society. During school, I was a football player, and later on, I started training and playing for the club in our city. As a young man, I always was active in different school projects.
As an 18 year old, I started my own company, which I managed for two years. This was not one of the best success stories of mine, but is and will remain always one of the best stories for me, for three reasons: the experience I got, the people I met, and the things I learned. After a short break, I started with the University and worked as a Bussines Representative and Manager in private companies. I also was part of different pieces of training: Bank internship for Business Client Adviser and the Academy for Diplomacy and Diplomatic Protocol.
I also took part in different Bussines Conferences here in Kosovo and Albania, such as “Italian Mission to Albania”, and for several years in “Albanian Diaspora Economic Forum”. As a Young European Attache, I will advocate for Economy, Environment, and Youth Activism.


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