Dado Dervanovic



Arts and designs, Youth activism


My name is Dado Dervanovic, I’m 21, and I study at the Faculty of Information Systems and Technology at the UDG. Initially, a shy child struggling with self-confidence and self-image issues, I’ve grown to become a confident person who thrives in group environments, loves meeting different people, and getting to know diverse cultures. At the start of 2020, I decided that this would be the year that I do things, which, in the past, the ‘shy me’ would never have done. Some of these include – working at a job that demanded high social skills while speaking to customers, mountain climbing, bodybuilding, traveling more (this one had to be postponed!), and youth activism. I’m also dedicated to fitness, and I’ve decided to continue my fitness journey into bodybuilding. I work on my nutrition and work out a lot, which helps me increase my patience and discipline. I work as a teaching assistant at Digital Bee, a programming school for kids where learning basic programming is made fun. I’m excited to see what the rest, and coming years, have in store for me, and I hope to conquer even more things – including being a Young European Ambassador!


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