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Aulon Curri





My name is Aulon, I’m 19 years old and I live in Suhareka.I study Geography at University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. My biggest passions are studying natural sciences like Geology, Physics,Chemistry and Biology.

I’m a member of Astronomy Club of Kosova (ACK) which has given so much to the spread of the science of Astronomy in Kosovo.

In high school I participated in two exchange programs, one in Elbasan,Albania and the other in Atlanta,United States of America. I participated in a summer camp where I did some community service in my hometown and then recieving a certification of achievement for studying Leadership, STEM and Art classes at a private high school in Lilburn,Georgia.

As a Master’s degree I’m going to study GIS (Geographical Information System) in order to develop spatial geographical data of Kosovo.This will help Kosovo to be richer in cartographic data and maps used in all scientific and social fields!

My hobbies are playing basketball,walking in nature,biking,listening to music and stargazing with my telescope. I’m an easy-going and a respectful person always hoping to learn new things!


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